Memories: Noddy’s Playtime

  • Publisher: The Jumping Bean Co.
  • Genre: Edutainment
  • Released: 1992
  • Platforms: Amiga, Atari and PC

I used to play Noddy’s Playtime all the time when I was little.

In the game, you drive Noddy around to different sections of Toyland and park outside of different buildings to activate different edutcational minigames. I didn’t really play the games, though. I mostly just drove the car around, because I was convinced that I hadn’t explored all of Toyland yet. The only minigame I really liked was this one where Noddy was arrested and you had to dig him out of jail. I’m not really sure how helping someone escape from jail is supposed to be educational, but there you go.

There was a button that made the horn on Noddy’s car honk. One day, I honked the horn so much that my mother hit me.

You could also run people over.

There’s a weird thing about this game. I can confirm that you could play it on an Amiga or Atari, but I’ve found no mention of it ever being made for PC. We didn’t have an Amiga or an Atari, when I was little, though, so a PC version must have existed, but everyone, except for me, has forgotten about it. Weird.